Data preparation test - The Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance

  1. In order to submit data on the reporting portal, FI’s must enter data into a file in Excel or Comma Separated Value (CSV) File.
  2. Templates for these files are available here along with supporting instructions.
Document Name Description Update
pdf icon Bahamas FATCA Financial Institutions File Creation Instructions_07012015 Instruction document providing general guidance for creating a file to submit on the TIE portal. 07.01.2015
excel icon GIIN_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_FATCATemplate_Excel Excel template to assist in uploading data to the TIE  portal. 07.01.2015
csv GIIN_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX_FATCATemplate_CSV1 Excel template in CSV format 07.01.2015
excel icon Bahamas FI Reporting EXAMPLES Displays an example to FI’s of what a typical report may look like 07.01.2015
  1. The instructions explain the various data fields and required formats.
  2. Examples are also provided to assist different types of reporting entities.
  3. FIs should use these templates to start gathering and preparing their data for submissions.

Data Preparation – Important Points

  1. Use the data template to prepare your data for submission.
  2. Read and check adherence to validation rules.
  3. The system will also provide error messages regarding format to help detect validation issues.
  4. Accuracy of the data is the responsibility of the FI and the system will only check for format and required fields per listed validations.
  5. Dates must be formatted as “Text”.